Cyprus Climate Change Assessment Papers - 2009
(1st draft of papers assembled online from the "Cyprus Climate Workshop" - June 2009)
Compiled by the Master's Degree Candidates of the
Cyprus International Institute
in the "Cyprus Climate Workshop," as part of the
Institute's "Global Climate Update," course in June 2009
  Overview and Background to Climate Change in Cyprus  
  Ierodiakonou Despo, et. al. Impacts of Climate Change on Cyprus Water Supply, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Adaptation and Mitigation Measures  
  Ierodiakonou Despo   Introduction
  Stefanou Charalambos   Impacts of Climate Change to Water Resources
  Constantinou Irene   Climate Change and Agriculture
  Andreou Evangelia   Climate Change and Biodiversity
  Ierodiakonou Despo   Climate Change - Time to Adapt!
  Sector-specific Potential Impacts of Climate Change in Cyprus  
  Andri Yiangou   The Impacts of Climate Change on Forestry in Cyprus  
  Aleksandar Mitov Dimitar   Fisheries in Cyprus and the potential impact of climate change  
  Pampaka Despina  

Climate Change and Impacts on Agriculture in Cyprus and the Region

  Funda Zaim   Impacts of climate change on tourism  

Photini Photiou

  Climate Change and Water Availability in Cyprus
  Raphael Arku   Climate change impact and Cyprus physical infrastructure
  Marlen Parari   Climate Change Impacts on Coastal and Marine Habitats of Cyprus  
  Souzana Achilleos   

Climate Change, Economy and Energy Consumption

  Emmanuel Dimont   Global Climate Change Impacts on Airport Infrastructure on the Island of Cyprus A Proposal for Further Research
  Ioannis Hasikos   Climate change: the cost of Inaction and the Cost of Adaption
  Climate Change and Public Health Issues in Cyprus  
  Maja Saitovic  

Key Challenges in Managing Health Effects of Climate Change in Cyprus

  Christiana Symeou   Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in Cyprus
  Demetra Panayiotou   Climate and Public Health
  Alexandra Cosmatos   The Effects of Climate Change on Vector Born Diseases (Malaria)
in Cyprus
  Ashely Alker   Impact of Global Warming on Infectious Disease in Cyprus  
  Duriye Deren Oygar  

Climate Change and Health - Asthma and Allergic Diseases