Session 4


"Northern" and "Southern" Perspectives on
Global Climate Changes


Because of their different histories in using carbon fuels it has become evident that the global "North" (or developed countries) have a different perception and differing set of proposed solutions to cut the use of green-house gases (GHGs) than that proposed by the developing countries in the "Global South". The most striking differences will be presented and discussed in this class, focusing on the international negotiations that have taken place in Bali, Copenhagen and Cancun.

In addition, escalating food, income and wealth disparities in the face of the climate change impacts that have already been registered around the world is likely to increase a broad mood of frustration and outrage in countries of the "Global South" as well as among disadvantaged populations within the "Global North." This class will review recent calls for "climate justice" and consider how this framework for considering the anticipated patterns of human suffering might lead to specific policies to accommodate declining food productivity per capita, U.N. development goals, plans for relocating climate refugees, etc. Particular attention will be given in this class to the role of NGOs from the global south and their emerging role in addressing climate issues.

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Timothy C. Weiskel
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Chapter 5: Food, Fibre, and Forest Products
Chapter 9: Africa
Chapter 10: Asia
Chapter 11: Australia and New Zealand
Chapter 12: Europe
Chapter 13: Latin America
Chapter 14: North America
Chapter 16: Small Islands

Wagdy Sawahel
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