Session 7

  Climate Change and the Evolution of
Global Agriculture

As water is distributed in new and unforeseen patterns within the global ecosystem, agricultural production will be altered on a world-wide scale. Prolonged droughts and tragic floods may compromise food production for hundreds of millions of people at the same time that some of the world's agricultural production will be increasingly devoted to growing bio-fuel crops. Resulting food shortages may lead to repeated patterns of food-"price spikes" and local instability, fueled by hoarding and food futures speculation in market-dominated economies. These foreseeable impacts of climate change will be discussed in class with examples of the patterns unfolding on a global scale.

Support Material

Lester Brown Address to Cambridge Forum - ENVR E130 - Class Session 3 - Support Material (2012).


Previous Talks at Cambridge Forum: 22 February 2008 and 5 April 2006
and, directly related current events... from


Food-Matters.TV - the global food system the logic of solar sustainable agriculture.


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